Telemedicine or Telehealth


We started telemedicine or telehealth visits (audio or video conference) here at Panda Bear Pediatrics since March 2020.  Most insurance companies are paying for these visits during the state of emergency but some will change the reimbursement approach moving forward. We schedule appointments for these visits, so please call the office during regular business hours to schedule a visit. 


These visits are initially designed for looking at rashes, checking for dehydration, watching breathing, looking at a throat, eyes in your home if you are not able to come into the office but your child may still need in office evaluation if we feel it is necessary.  Additionally, these visits can be used for medicine checks for anxiety, depression, or ADHD. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if you have strep, flu, ear infection or have pneumonia without examining your kiddo in person, so those types of visits will still need to be scheduled at the office.


Additionally, well child exams cannot be completed via telemedicine. The physical exam component has to be done in person. We want to make sure your child remains protected from other childhood diseases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your child is due for a well check.